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We hope that you will find our website a useful resource for Committee related information. If you would like additional information on the state’s financial operations including budget, revenue, and expense information or expenditure transactions by vendor name or agency please click on the Commonwealth Data Point link. 

Please refresh this page often as it is updated frequently.


2018 Interim Meetings:
(agendas will be posted as soon as they are available)

August 17, 2018

  • Joint Money Committee Meeting - 9:30 AM
    Ground Floor, Shared Committee Room (Rm E007), Pocahontas Buidling, 900 East Main Street, Richmond 
    • Agenda (TBA)



August 17th
9:30 AM Joint Mtg. w/ HFC & SFC
Location: Shared Committee Room (Rm E007), Pocahontas Buidling
September 17th
9:30 AM Shared Committee Room (Rm E007), Pocahontas Buidling
October 15th
9:30 AM Shared Committee Room (Rm E007), Pocahontas Buidling
November 13th (Tuesday)
November 14th (Wedensday)
Committee Retreat
Location TBA
December 18th 
9:30 AM Joint Mtg. w/ HFC & SFC Location Shared Committee Room (Rm E007), Pocahontas Buidling


2018 Special Session I Meetings: 

May 30, 2018


May 23, 2018 -- CANCELLED


April 13, 2018

  • Appropriations - 11:00 AM - Shared Committee Room (E007)
    • Agenda
    • The Honorable Aubrey L. Layne, Jr., Secretary of Finance
    • Summary of New, Changed and Deleted Amendments HB 5001 and HB 5002 - Handout
    • Explanation of Differences in Amendments Between HB 29 and HB 5001 - Handout
    • Explanation of Differences in Amendments Between HB 30 and HB 5002 - Handout
    • Bills before the Committee
      • HB 5001 (Jones)
      • HB 5002 (Jones)


2018 Session House Budget Conference Meeting Notice

The members of the Joint Conference Committee on the Budget Bills, House Bill 29 and House Bill 30, have been appointed.  Beginning today, February 28, 2018, meetings involving the budget conferees will be taking place at various times and can occur any time between the hours of 7:00 AM and midnight.  Meeting locations are typically either on the 13th or 14th floor Conference Rooms in the Pocahontas Building.  

For further information, please contact either the House Appropriations Committee staff at (804) 698-1590 or the Senate Finance Committee staff at (804) 698-7480.

House Budget Conferees

Senate Budget Conferees

  • Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-District 3)
  • Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. (R-District 24) ·
  • Janet D. Howell (D-District 32)
  • Richard L. Saslaw (D-District 35)
  • Stephen D. Newman (R-District 23) ·
  • Frank M. Ruff, Jr. (R-District 15)
  • Frank W. Wagner (R-District 7)


About Us

The Appropriations Committee, one of 14 standing Committees of Virginia's House of Delegates, has jurisdiction over state budget matters. We hope you will find the Committee's web site useful and choose to visit it any time you have a question about the Committee, its subcommittees, or the state budget.  

The Appropriations Committee usually meets monthly during the interim and every other day of the Session upon adjournment of the full House to discuss budget matters. In addition, the Committee has eight standing Subcommittees which meet once or twice a week during the Session.  Some of the Committees' major responsibilities include:

  • Examine revenue and expenditure assumptions in the Governor's introduced budget
  • Set funding priorities for the Commonwealth Consider requests by House members to amend (change) the introduced budget
  • Make recommendations for budgetary changes based on priorities of the Committee  

Virginia has a biennial budget which is adopted by the General Assembly in the even-numbered years and amended by the Assembly in the odd-numbered years.  Please click on the following links for more information about the Executive Budget Process or the Legislative Budget Process.  Also visit the Department of Planning and Budget's frequently asked questions  webpage for an overview of Virginia's budget. 








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