Committee Staff

The House Appropriations Committee staff are highly motivated professionals that work directly with legislators and senior government officials in analyzing and developing in-depth financial, budgetary and policy recommendations on issues involving the Commonwealth’s two-year budget and related legislation.

Staff Areas of Responsibility

Robert P. Vaughn -- Staff Director

  • Revenues

Susan L. Hogge -- Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Elementary and Secondary Education:

Nonstate Agencies/Historic Landmarks:

Michael R. Jay -- Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Legislative Department:

Executive Offices:

Judicial Department:



Independent Agencies:

Compensation and Retirement:

Central Appropriations

Carla L. Karnes -- Office Manager

  • Office Operations

Anthony A. (Tony) Maggio -- Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Higher and Other Education:

Independent Agencies:

Capital Outlay

Treasury Board

Susan E. Massart -- Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Health and Human Resources:

Anne E. Oman -- Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Agriculture & Forestry:

Commerce & Trade/Economic Development:


Vacant -- Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Public Safety:


Natural Resources: 



Email HAC staff:

  • Robert Vaughn --
    Staff Director

  • Susan Hogge -- Elementary & Secondary Education, Nonstate Agencies

  • Michael Jay -- Compensation & Retirement, Finance, General Government

  • Carla Karnes --
    Office Manager

  • Tony  Maggio --
    Capital Outlay, Higher & Other Education

  • Susan Massart --
    Health & Human Resources

  • Anne Oman -- Agriculture,  Economic Development, Transportation,

  • Paul Van Lenten, Jr. -- Public Safety, Natural Resources, Technology Oversight &  Government Activities